Five common mistakes to nourish the kidney!


Kidney is a topic that never goes out of fashion in a country. Let alone people at this age, many young people in their twenties in China now develop symptoms of kidney deficiency, so people are beginning to be keen on teaching However, due to lack of discernment and indiscriminate use of health care products, many misunderstandings have arisen to invigorate the kidney? Be careful, you will only make things worse. Here are some common mistakes to see if you have fallen in love. Lost them?

Western medical research believes that the kidney is located at the waist, one on the left and the right, which is one of the important organ functions of the human body. The kidney in Chinese medicine is a relatively simple and general concept of an enterprise, which is called “the foundation of innate development”. Nowadays, as the pressure of social life and working environment continues to increase, people begin to experience kidney deficiency and gradually increase. However, some people “listen to the wind as rain” and are overly worried that the students themselves will have kidney deficiency, which may lead to some misunderstandings of enterprises entering China. 肌肉量

Misunderstanding 1: Regardless of kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, one qi is supplemented randomly.

One type of western medicine is suitable for people with multiple student physiques, but the biggest feature of Chinese traditional medicine is that we emphasize that it varies from person to person. Kidney deficiency is mainly divided into kidney-yang deficiency and kidney-yin deficiency. Different types have different methods of nourishing the kidney. Most of the products on the market are aimed at kidney-yang deficiency. For people with kidney-yin deficiency, eating will not only have no effect, but will also have some side effects or aggravate the condition. Even a classic Liuwei Dihuang Wan is not suitable for everyone.

Misunderstanding 2: Kidney deficiency is a man’s patent

Men usually pay more attention to invigorating the kidney. In fact, kidney deficiency is not a man’s patent, and feminism may also develop its own experience. Chinese medicine believes that the essence of deficiency is aging. People with “kidney deficiency” who suffer from long-term fatigue and damage the kidneys age faster. Modern Chinese epidemiological surveys also found that kidney deficiency is rare in the elderly in my country. Speaking of us, we understand: the kidney is the congenital foundation, and people with kidney deficiency undergo rapid physical and psychological ageing through increasing, and menopausal symptoms appear early. Women with kidney deficiency will show symptoms such as amenorrhea, low libido, irritability, anxiety, and paranoia.

Misunderstanding 3: Dark circles are manifestations of kidney deficiency

Many articles say that dark circles under the eyes are a manifestation of kidney deficiency. In fact, black circles under the eyes alone are not pathological. Modern medicine believes that people’s eyelids (eyelids) and surrounding tissues are very thin, such as long-term contraction of eyelids after fatigue and insomnia. Causes connective tissue vascular congestion, poor blood flow, and microcirculation disorders, so dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles don’t need to be scared, and eat tonics indiscriminately. As long as you have a good spirit, get more exercise and get enough sleep, the dark circles will disappear after 35 days or 12 weeks.肌肉量

Misunderstanding 4: Tinnitus is caused by “kidney deficiency”

The kidney is opened in the ear, and the kidney is closely related to the ear. Therefore, many people often get tinnitus from kidney treatment for unknown reasons, and always use Liuwei Dihuang to invigorate the kidney, but the effect is only 10/12. Although the ear is a kidney orifice, clinical research and treatment for tinnitus patients should not be based solely on the kidneys. The treatment should be based on the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. According to the development of Chinese medicine, “the ears are where the veins are gathered.” Tinnitus is closely related to the research on the functions of the various organs and meridians of the whole body. I don’t understand that it is only limited to the kidneys. Therefore, treatment cannot be separated from the whole body. The regulation of viscera and meridian.

Misunderstanding 5: confuse kidney deficiency with kidney failure.

Kidney deficiency and kidney disease are not the same thing. Kidney deficiency is a traditional Chinese medicine statement. It is basically based on the patient’s symptoms and symptoms through observation, hearing, and four diagnosis. Nephritis and renal failure are diagnosed by Western medicine, and an objective urine analysis is required. Only proteinuria and microscopic hematuria can be diagnosed, so the two cannot be completely equivalent. Of course, they themselves sometimes even have student connections and are somewhat cross-cutting, that is, people with different symptoms of so-called kidney deficiency do not necessarily have nephritis, and people who do not develop symptoms of kidney deficiency do not necessarily have nephritis.





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